Get Rid Of Dark Circles – Now!

Welcome to How to Get Rid Of Dark Circles

Trying to get rid of dark circles by hook or by crook? Struggling to stay young and attractive? Worried about the splotches? All your concerns are not only important but widely felt too. To add on to the frustration, the problem is anything but natural. So the best cure is to prevent. The adage “it is better to prevent and prepare rather than to repent and repair”, aptly suits this situation. So what will keep those dark patches beneath your eyes at bay? Here is a list of preventive measures that will help:

Good Food EYES
Good Food: No!! I am not talking about the tasteful yet nutritionally empty junk. Healthy is what I mean. A well balanced and green diet is great for good eyes. Consume lots of veggies, carrots, salads, spinach and papaya for preventing dark circles and other eye problems. The mantra is to stock on vitamins and minerals.

Sufficient Sleep EYES
Sufficient Sleep: Don’t overdo that. While you must not sleep less than 6-7 hours a day, chances are that oversleeping may cause swelling of the eyes too. So sleep just right and ensure that the sleep is undisturbed and peaceful.

Cool-off: Yes keep that temper away. In turn the calm attitude will keep the nerves around the eyes relaxed and sparkling.

Sooth Them: Go for weekly eye massages or apply some cucumber and potato slices to them for a cooling effect. The remedy will also keep the eyes hydrated and prevent them from swelling.

Go Natural EYES
Go Natural: Green tea is a natural diuretic that will relieve you off the dark circles especially if they are related to PMS. It would be best to consume less salty foods in your diet at this time to prevent water retention.

Treat the Congestion:  If your dark circles are a manifestation of the cold that you have caught, treat the congestion and cold first and the puffiness will automatically vanish.

Stop Being Nocturnal: You were not made to be one, so simply stop living that owl way. A proper lifestyle including activity during day and rest during night will surely prevent the dark circles from occurring.

If these preventive remedies still do not help you get rid of dark circles, probably they are hereditary. Don’t lose heart though as there is a solution to this genetic trouble too. Injectable fillers followed by a botox treatment, is a quick fix for the long lingering problem that unluckily passed on the future generations. An eye uplift surgery is what many cosmetic surgeons will swear by. Another great product that the market offers to consumers who want to get rid of the dark circles is RevitaLume. The gel helps you get red of the splotches in a few days.

Those who have a low hemoglobin count also find it difficult to deal with dark circles. It is advisable for them to consult a physician and ask their doctor for prescription medicines that relieves their eye-agony. An iron rich food intake will surely aid them in getting rid of sunken eyes.