What Causes Dark Circles Under Eyes?

It is widely believed that the two most common factors contributing to dark circles under the eyes are lack of sleep and aging. Even though these two factors are responsible to some extent, they alone are not the causes of dark circle around the eyes. These patches of dark sagging skin under the eyes right above the cheek can occur in people of all ages irrespective of their gender.

It is not a one time condition that will come up one morning due to lack of sufficient rest to the eyes the previous night, and go away the next day. These ugly looking prominent dark bulges, that fail to vanish, have a number of reasons to show up in the first place.

The Medical Factors

So what’s the medical science behind this cosmetic problem? If minor, the occurrence of dark circles can be due to fatigue or minor injuries. However, when they arise out of much more serious conditions, they mustn’t be ignored. Some causes of dark circles under eyes include allergies, skin infections, dehydration and malnutrition. These afore mentioned causes, can be attributed as diseases or disorders which can result in dark circles under the eyes. Some traumatic causes of dark circles or bluish-black bulges under the eyes include injury/ies to the eye/s, surgery on the facial area, such as facial or nasal surgery; fracture around or of the eye as well as head injuries.

Is your Lifestyle Affecting your Eyes?

A major factor that causes dark circles under eyes is lifestyle related habits. Over-consumption of alcohol, caffeine or for that matter sodium, are significant contributors towards development of those splotches encircling eyes. While these are the catalysts for dark circles showing up, here is how the physiologists explain what causes dark circles under eyes.

According to experts and physiologists, the area around the eyes is the most sensitive and delicate skin over the entire face. Dark circles around the eyes result as a guardian against the loose blood that oozes out of the blood capillaries surrounding the eyes. So physiologically it is an absolutely naturally occurring phenomena and not a problem. The problem, however, is the intensity or darkening of the circles below the eyes. Since the mechanism by which bruises and eye circles occur are both same, it is obvious that the cure for them is also the same, giving the clotted blood time to heal.

Treating it Right

So why let them happen at the first place? Some of you may be doing all that it takes to stop eye circles from showing up. Adequate sleep, little or no late night parties, a healthy intake of vitamin A and loads of eye massages would be keeping you psychologically satisfied that you are safe from the danger zone. But think again. Is it all that is required? Is it even the right track you have taken? Are you even treating the right causes of the problem? 

The Solution

Here is the spot on solution to all the causes of dark circles under eyes. Prevent hemoglobin degradation and take your red blood cells seriously. Oxidation is the ultimate cure for all skin problems. A good amount of oxygen supply to the body can eradicate almost all causes of dark circles and reduce them too.